POhWER – Medway have run a series of events to support development of a Forum for people from Minority Ethnic Communities (MEC) who have mental health concerns.

Primary aims of MMEMHF are to:

  1. Improve access and services for people with mental health needs from MEC living in Medway
  2. Establish what level of support is needed from local agencies, local authority and other key stakeholders to facilitate necessary changes in how service is provided in Medway.

What have we done?

We established links with over twenty local organisations, listened to Community Leaders and worked closely with Rethink (Hope Project) and Medway Minority Ethnic Forum (MEMF) to reach out to existing community groups.

We asked a number of questions which included; what are the barriers that prevent people from being willing or able to access mental health services in the area? And what can be done to break these barriers down?

We have reported our findings to the Local Authority along with our recommendations.

Next steps:

A great deal has been learnt, however attendance from people with mental health concerns or those using local mental health services has been low. We will continue to work with the Local Authority and review and evaluate our findings to establish best ways to move the project forward.